another meme i won’t finish - 1/20 female characters
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I am not getting stabbed in the name of science.”


"Sarah told me to check on you."

#one thing i love about this show#is that the secondary characters don’t act like secondary characters#like on one hand you have all these dudes who are here to serve a female-driven storyline which is a refreshing change#but any character should think of themselves as the main character of their own story#and felix in particular seems to get very frustrated about being treated as a sidekick#but when that happens he doesn’t continue to hang around grousing about being sarah’s sidekick#instead he makes the conscious decision to go over to alison’s storyline where he’ll have a more central role#idk i just really dig the way character interactions are structured on this show—@inkandcayenne


Behind the scenes of Pitch Perfect 2


This was the greatest moment ever.


Lessons in feminist praxis from Adventure Time.