Dirty Paws - Of Monsters & Men
My Head Is an Animal (31,515)

Slippin Around - Zhala

Zhala - Slippin Around from Teen Wolf 3x18

Pompeii - Bastille
Bad Blood (13,301)

but if you close your eyes
does it almost feel like

nothing changed at all

Tonight You're Perfect - New Politics
A Bad Girl in Harlem (30,155)

I wanna fall in love,

but only for the night

Bad Girls - M.I.A.
Matangi (963)



365 day song challenge: [11/365] 

get back, get down
pull me closer if you think you can hang
hands up, hands tied
don’t go screaming if i blow you with a bang 


Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade (19,763)


They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you

Pompeii - Vitamin String Quartet


Pompeii (Sting Quartet Tribute to Bastille) - Vitamin String Quartet 

So I don’t know if any of you are aware that this exists, but I nearly just shat my pants from how gorgeous it is

Outta My Mind - Wax
Continue (100)

Monster - Imagine Dragons
Monster (67,661)

Monster | Imagine Dragons

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?

Let's Go to the Mall - Robin Sparkles
How I Met Your Music (6,333)